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I’m going to school to be an Elementary School teacher…I really want to teach in PA, but if I get an underage you can’t get hired. Is there any way to get an underage drinking citation removed from my record so future employers can’t see it? thanks

If a borrower is delinquent on his payments, and the lender removes him from his house, does the title of the house change from the borrower to the lender who has seized it? If so, would this change in title show up in public records on websites such as Trulia or Zillow as a sale of the property, even though it is only a change in title? And finally, if this is true, how much would the "sale price" show up as? The unpaid principal balance? The tax assessor’s value of the property? Thanks.

*I understand that if a person buys a property in foreclosure, that would show up as being a sale, my question concerns title changes showing up as a sale.

I would like to get sale prices for a pieces of property in my neighborhood in order to do comparisons. The property to be compared to is not a home but a parking space. Is there a place, other than a realtor, to look up comparable property that sold in my area? I was hoping that there was a government department that kept that info in its records, e.g., the county. Thanks for any advice you can give.